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Happy Forth of July!


Special Events:


7/1 Benjamin Buck 10 year old classical pianist

7/4 Forth of July celebration

7/5 Lisa and Dave entertain

7/7 Laura Chagnon published poet

7/8 Paul Lavalley on sax

7/11 Joey Bird Visits

7/12 Doc on the guitar

7/15 Laurie Festa sings

7/19 Ted Hamel entertains

7/20 Dan Daniels entertains

7/22 Roger Hart slide show

7/22 Outdoor picnic

7/26 Sandy on piano

7/29 Adam Classical Pianist


Exercise Programs Offered Monthly:


Yoga, Tai Chi, Chair Exercise, Wii Bowling Roll & Stroll


Religious Programs:


Sundays…Chalice of Salvation

Mondays…Communion Service

1st & 3rd Mondays…Hymns & Bible Study


1st Thursday…Pastor Larry

3rd Thursday…Catholic Mass

4th Wednesday…Prayer & Praise Service


Other programs offered:


Trivia, Bingo, Dunkin Donut Socials, the Music Man, Watercolors, Manicures, Shopping Cart, Happy Hour, Movies, Coffee and a Muffin Socials, Root beer floats, Pitch, Dominos, Word Find, Comedy and Poetry, Left Center Right, Keystone Players, Penny Ante, Arts & Crafts, Short Stories, Crosswords, What would you do?, It Happened This Month


Community Trips:


Shopping to local stores, Ice Cream trips, Picnic Lunch to Forest Park, Lunch to the Ginger Blossom


Community Service Projects:


Cards for the Troops to send Home, Knitting Baby Hats for the Neon Natal Intensive Care Unit, Volunteer Mentors, saving old ink cartridges, eye Glasses & cell phones for the 16 Acres Lions Club.

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