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1. Van transport to: religious services every weekend, to two grocery stores every Monday, to Walmart, Macy’s ,Malls, pharmacies at least once a month, to all recreational trips.

2. Beauty Salon, pedicurist on property, by appointment.

3. Footcare bi-monthly with nurse, by appointment.

4. 24 Concierge services

5. Weight Room open 24/7.

6. Beltone Hearing Services once a month, free hearing tests.

7. Manicures weekly with LE Director Reenie Harwell, a good time to talk with the ladies!

8. Brunch every Wed & Saturday.


1. Rosary every Wed. a.m.

2. Mass 1x/mo

3. Ecumenical Service and communion monthly

4. Bible study and sharing time once per month

5. Transportation to church or synagogue on the weekends.

6. Good Friday Services will be conducted by LE Director with Residents in the afternoon.  There will also be transportation to a Tenebrae Requiem at a local cathedral on 4/18 at 6:30pm.


1. Yoga with Lifestyle coach Norman Christiansen Ed.D Mondays, 1 -2pm

2. Chair Fitness with LE Director Reenie Harwell or Coach Karen Pellerin twice a week.

3. Walking Club weather permitting on Wed. a.m.s around our lovely campus.

4. Weight Training with YMCA instructor Thursday afternoons; individual plans and supervision.

5. Swimming at the YMCA twice a week is part of our transportation service to residents.


1. Every Tuesday and Saturday at 1pm there is an entertainer.  Programs are varied an cover many tastes in music.


1. Dress Barn Fashion Show on 4/2.  Residents & staff members show off latest spring fashions for our community.  Each model will wear three outfits. The host is the manager of Dress Barn.

2. Antiques and collectibles Expo called “The Way We Were” on 4/9 will show old fashioned items and collections that the residents and staff have.  The goal is to demonstrate how life used to be in our area between 60 and 100 years ago.  There will be a tea service set up as well as tea served in the afternoon for guests. ALso, several books on display that show life in Springfield & New England going “way back”.  Since some of our residents are 100 years old or near to it, there are many fascinating items that have already been committed to the show.  The show dovetails into an on-going reminiscence activity also called “The Way We Were”  that meets weekly.

3. Attorney Shawn Allyn, running for District Attorney will meet residents and share his campagin ideas, 4/22 6:30pm.

4. Tupperware Party with Michelle LaBonte on 4/15 7pm will give residents ideas for organizing cupboards, keeping food fresh and for microwave cooking.  This is a return visit and will be well attended.

5. Pajama day is 4 /17, and a festive and humorous activity that is planned for both of our buildings. It is for staff and residents.  Prizes will be given for the most colorful, yummiest and silliest pajama outfits.  Hot cocoa and bedtime stories and cookies will be shared.

6. Identity Theft and Senior Safety is a special program given to us by Detective Gormally from the Springfield Community Services Divison of the police on 4/24 2pm. This is very important since Det. Gormally instructs about issues on oine, by phone but also general safety tips for shopping or traveling.

7. Passover and Easter dinner specials this month.


1. The Garden Belles Women’s Club meets monthly to plan socials and fund raising.  They have just had an Irish party and completed a 50/50.  All monies are donated in December to various charities voted on by club members.  There is a board, dues and the symbol of the club is a bell which is worn at meetings, and yes, there are jokes about the “Ding-dongs”, etc.  This year the Belles donated $1500.00 to local groups/charities.

2. The Men’s Club meets weekly at an a.m. Coffee Hour for socialization and trip planning.  The men are planning a 50/50 soon and have just completed the raffle of a gourmet basket.  Funds will also be given to charity.

3. The Poetry Club is a special small group that shares the love of poems both those published or written by residents and visitors.  We have a Poet Laureat, Ms. Lori Chagnon who is publishing her first book of poems in April.  Ms Chagnon’s book is titled:  “I Never Touched a Pen”.  She has recently been interviewed for Public Television and is appearing at bookstores around the area. Ms. Chagnon has never written a word, but has dictated her 5,000 poems to caretakers, since she is a quadraplegic resulting from a tragic accident when when was in her twenties.  Ms. Chagnon is much loved by residents and staff at Keystone and recites many of her poems from memory.  When she has trouble with her voice, her caretaker and dear friend Tom Damoulakis reads her works.  We are planning a party to celebrate the publication of her first book on 4/29 with chocolate cake (her favorite) and champagne.  Lori has a stamp which Tom uses to “sign” her books.  Lori Face Books and is also the resident Poet for her church.

4. La table Francaise is a French cultural club that meets monthly around a festive table.  The menu is French and prepared by our wonderful kitchen, along with wine, etc.  There is lively conversation, sharing and the singing of French folksongs, many of which originate in Quebec, CA.

5. The Book Club is currently focused on women authors and is enjoying the old classic “Little Women”.  It prompts much conversation and sharing about growing up.  THe club members will watch the classic film “Little Women” tonight, 3/26,, and will share tea and goodies along with the film.  The group will explore other women authors as we go along.

6. The Keystone Koraleers is our chorus that is starting to rehearse for their spring show in May, the theme will be nature in music, though a title for the show hasn’t been chosen yet. Koraleers meet Monday afternoons.


1. Food Committee and Menu Planning meet with Dietary Director Nichelle Nadeau and her staff.

2. The Resident Council joins with ED Christine Denault and the Department Heads monthly.


1. Make Your Own Jewelry with teacher/designer Sandy Merrill meets monthly.  Prices are very reasonable and only for supplies.

2. Easter card-making with Trish will be on 4/3 2pm


1. The Sugar Shack, N. Hadley MA, 4/2 for pancakes and fresh maple syrup, 11am.

2. The Spencer Abbey, famous for Trappist Jams and the new Trappist Ale, 4/16. They have a beautiful setting and wonderful bookstore that has a variety of religious items for sale along with their famous jams.  Lunch will follow at an inn in Sturbridge, MA.  This is part of the worship program for the Lenten Season.

3. The Red Lion Inn, stockbridge, MA, one of the most famous destinations for dining in Masschusetts; 4/23.  We are especially happy to go because the daughter of one of our resident couples is the manager at the inn now.

4. Mohegan Sun, trip goes once a month, 4/25, all day.


Music Appreciation, Easter Egg Dyeing, Word Challenges, Current Events and movies are scheduled regularly this month.

Happy Hour and refreshments are served on Saturdays and Sundays.


1. BINGO 3 nights per week, run by residents.

2. Cards nightly, bridge weekly, also Mah Jongg

3. Group puzzle on going. Finished puzzles are sometimes covered with adhesive and put up on walls for their interest and beauty.

4. Scrabble at least once a week is a favorite game.

5. Easter Prize Bingo will host residents from both buildings on 4/4, 2pm.  Prizes will be given in easter egg containers of various sizes.


1. Masssage with Ginnie Levine, registered therapist once a month by appointment, from 15 mins to one hour available.  This has proven to be a great enhance of health for many residents.

2. “Sounds of the Universe” with Music Therapist John Thorp is a one hour relaxation therapy using Tibetan bowls and various soft-sounding instruments. This helps teach individuals how to relax deeply and offers tonal vibrations for healing.  This approach is Scientifically researched and documented.  It is a favorite program and fits well with Yoga and the massage that is offered here.


Looking forward to spring big time!

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