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Resident Care Staff, or Family?

17/05/11 5:29 PM

Our House Senior Living in Austin noticed more and more residents coming in that were reccomended by the families of other residents. When asked why, Melisa Dunlop, Lead Care Assistant, replied with this uplifting congratualtions to the staff at her house.

 We have staff coming in on their time off to sit with residents or read them the bible. One family was given the choice to have Hospice step in, but chose not to because they were so pleased with the way staff was taking care of him.  This just goes to show that when you move someone in with us they become like family. There is so much compassion our staff have for our residents, and not just them, but their families. They are not just a number, they truly become someone we care deeply for, just as we would a parent or a grandparent.

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