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The Keystone Senior Commitment

At Keystone Senior, our commitment is to change your perception and the experience of “retirement living”. Quite simply, we offer our residents a lifestyle that is happier, healthier and more fulfilling than they may be experiencing now. Our assisted living and independent living communities represent a positive lifestyle choice. We replace daily chores and isolation with a life that is interesting, active, and fun!

Retirement Living Redefined

Residents are encouraged to renew past interests and or cultivate new ones. For some, this will involve developing new skills, such as computer use or learning to play a musical instrument. For others it could mean doing that volunteer work they have always wanted to do or renewing forgotten skills or passions. The point is we are here to help you pursue your goals and interests!

When home alone does not feel right anymore, consider the worry free, active and engaged lifestyle at Keystone Senior. You will find a warm, friendly and secure atmosphere where everyone knows your name. You will find company when you want it and privacy when you need it. At Keystone Senior, we want to improve your life!

Honoring Our Keystone Veterans

At Keystone we are very proud to be the chosen home for many military veterans.  We had the privilege to have some of their experiences captured on film and hope that you will take a few minutes of your time to listen to their stories.

As family friends and staff – many of us can’t imagine what these men & women endured and experienced at such a young age & how it changed them forever.

We are very proud and thankful to our veteran’s for the great service & sacrifice they gave for our country and we are honored to take part in their lives here at Keystone.

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