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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that indicate a need for senior housing?

Is it safe for mom or dad to live in her or his present situation? If it is not a safe situation, or if mom/dad is beginning to become more forgetful, then it is definitely time to start searching for a new home. Also, identify if mom or dad is being nourished appropriately. One of the most common concerns with seniors is balanced nutrition. Most assisted living and independent living communities offer delicious, well-balanced and nutritious meal services. In addition, some seniors overlook the value of socialization. This is a very important factor as many seniors are depressed and have a fundamental need to be stimulated by others, particularly those of the same age and interests. Please ask one of the Executive Directors or Community Relations Directors at a Keystone Senior community to assist you in your evaluation.

What is independent living?

Independent living is a lifestyle designed for active, healthy people who are capable of managing their own lives and making their own health care and financial decisions. Several Keystone Senior communities offer a variety of options for those who desire independent living. Our independent living communities allow you to make the lifestyle choices that best meets your daily schedule including meals, social events, housekeeping services, transportation, fitness and much more.

When is assisted living appropriate?

Assisted living is appropriate when a senior is having difficulty preparing balanced meals, maintaining his or her household, remembering to take medications, or needing some personal assistance with bathing and/or dressing. These individuals can maintain much of their independence and dignity if supportive services are provided.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living at a Keystone Senior community fosters an active lifestyle designed for people that need some assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) but wish to live independently for as long as possible. Assisted living residents are not able to live by themselves safely but do not require constant care. Residents can receive help with tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing, laundry, housekeeping, and medications. Assisted living bridges the gap between independent living and nursing homes.

Upon admission, a Keystone Senior community care team will meet with each resident and/or representative to create a service plan. The service plan details the personalized care and services that each resident can benefit from. The service plan is updated regularly so residents receive appropriate care and services as their needs change.

Why not a nursing home?

A nursing home provides more intensive medical/nursing services and provides for those individuals with more acute medical requirements. Many seniors’ needs can be met in an assisted living community providing independence in a comfortable, homelike atmosphere.

What distinguishes the Keystone Senior communities from other retirement communities?

Keystone Senior communities offer a combination of privacy, safety, security and companionship yet the independence that most people desire. Each Keystone Senior community provides and encourages an active lifestyle so that each resident can enjoy the day-to-day events and stay active and healthier longer. Keystone Senior specializes in providing the highest level of customer service. At Keystone it is personal!

What does it cost to live in a Keystone Senior community?

The monthly service fee varies based on the size of the apartment suite, the location of the community, and the level of care needed/desired. Please contact the Executive Director or Community Relations Director for more detailed information.

How does a Keystone Senior community help ensure the safety of its residents?

Each Keystone Senior community maintains a private secure environment for each resident. Each individual apartment suite is equipped with an emergency response system that may be used in case of an emergency or special need. Keystone Senior provides 24-hour personal services and emergency monitoring.

What activities and services are available at a Keystone Senior community?

A philosophy of Keystone Senior is to create an environment where each Resident can engage in an active lifestyle while receiving the benefits and support to remain as independent as possible. Each Keystone Senior community provides a well-planned social calendar of events and activities designed to appeal to residents with varied interests. Our staff is creative in planning programs and special events to enjoy at each community. Residents have the opportunity to attend social and cultural events, arts and crafts classes, continuing education programs, exercise programs, and much more.

Is transportation available or do residents need a car?

Each Keystone Senior community provides transportation services for residents to shopping centers, grocery stores, and other local places of interest. However, if a resident is still safely capable of driving, vehicles are permitted. All Keystone Communities offer free parking and complimentary auto valet service.

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