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About Keystone

At Keystone, we’re committed to changing people’s perceptions about what a retirement living community can look like. The Keystone difference begins with the feeling of home that our communities inspire, each designed to offer compassionate support, comfort, and privacy. 

Unlike many of our competitors, Keystone is not a huge bureaucratic corporate conglomerate. We are (and always have been) a boutique family-owned and -operated business. By keeping things small we are able to offer an unparalleled level of support, personalization, and service. Keystone is in its 27th year of operation and has owned and managed more than 60 successful senior living communities.

We know that you are not a one-size-fits-all individual, and you deserve far more than a cookie-cutter life. We believe that by helping create a community that bolsters connections between residents, their families, and our caring associates, we can enhance the health, wellbeing, and happiness of each resident, sustaining and enriching their lives every single day.

Keystone Senior is a family owned business.

Built To Be Better - The Keystone Story

In the early ‘90s, Dave Kingen, the future founder of Keystone Senior Management, was in search of quality Assisted Living care for his father, who was afflicted with Huntington’s disease. What he found were huge buy-ins and long-term commitments that made high quality care affordable to only a small percentage of the aging population. That gave him an idea.

At the same time, future Keystone co-founder Tim Eldredge was developing a similar idea. Through his own research he had observed that many seniors lacked options when it came to receiving more care while remaining independent. Dave approached Tim with his thoughts, and both men agreed that as the aging baby boomers began to reach their twilight years, this group would be faced with a shortage of satisfactory options.

In addition to better Assisted Living options, Dave and Tim imagined a new type of senior living community, one where residents were relieved of the burdens of home and yard maintenance, free to pursue other interests both inside and outside the community. They imagined residents would receive just the care and support they needed, surrounded by like-minded people, and presented with myriad social opportunities. And they wanted it to be a lifestyle affordable to the average, everyday family.

Today, the Keystone brand stands apart as being one of the country’s top-rated senior living companies. With more than 40 communities across the country, we are just as passionate as ever about improving the lives of our residents. Visit our Communities page to find the Keystone that’s right for you.

We Are Family - A Legacy of Caring

Today, both founders’ sons follow in their fathers’ footsteps.

Brent Kingen

Brent Kingen, Keystone’s COO, began his journey into the family business when he was 16 years old, working summers at his nearby Keystone community. Brent gained first-hand experience in every aspect of running a successful senior living community. From landscaping and cleaning apartments to washing dishes and eventually helping the community’s life enrichment program, he has experienced it all.

It was through this work that Brent gained a deep love and respect for the magical environment and culture that is seen at Keystone communities every day. Today, he is proud of all the remarkable people who make up the Keystone team and the work they do for residents and their families every day.

Eric Kingen

Eric Kingen is Keystone’s CXO (Chief Experience Officer). He began his Keystone journey shortly after graduating from Indiana University as the family company was in the process of transitioning 31 properties into Keystone communities. As an Administrative Assistant working across a variety of departments during this complex process, Eric gained a thorough understanding of how all the pieces must fit together for the company to run successfully.

From there, he began taking on more projects helping Keystone improve and grow. Today, Eric’s experience has led him to believe the best way to create a great experience for residents is to first create a great workplace experience for Keystone’s team members. By creating communities where all people love to live and work, Keystone’s legacy will continue to grow.

Tim Eldredge II

Tim Eldredge II is the Executive Director of Keystone Place at Buzzards Bay. His Keystone journey started in 2011, beginning at the company’s corporate office in Indiana. In 2014, he transitioned into a leadership role at the company’s then-newest community, in Massachusetts, helping it blossom from the ground up.

Today, Tim II is immensely proud of his place in the Keystone family of residents, their own families and friends, and every Keystone team member. He continues to be grateful for every day of work that he gets to do, and he looks forward to many more years serving the Keystone Place at Buzzards Bay community.

Keystone is Here for You

As a family-owned and operated business, we believe that by helping create a community that bolsters connections between residents, their families, and our caring associates, we can enhance the health, wellbeing, and happiness of each resident, sustaining and enriching their lives every single day.

When it’s time to write the next stage in your journey, give us a call. We would love to show you around a community near you and for you to feel the unique warmth and energy of our Keystone family.

We know you. We got you. Welcome home.

Our Programs

Keystone is proud to offer all residents access to our cutting edge Holistic Harbors℠ Memory Preservation program. This holistic approach to care focuses on the resident’s entire wellbeing, rather than only treating the symptoms of a memory loss illness. Daily activities are chosen based on each resident’s interests and skills, using programming that has been shown to not only maintain but possibly improve cognitive health.

While the Holistic Harbors℠ Memory Preservation program was designed with our memory care residents in mind, studies have shown that the earlier people begin working on memory improvement, the better the results will be as they get older, reducing their likelihood of developing dementia later on. That is why our Holistic Harbors℠ Memory Care programming is available to all Keystone residents, not just those living in our Memory Care neighborhoods.

Resident playing a game at Keystone in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Delicious Dining Options

One of the requirements for living a truly fulfilling life is to have plenty of meal options and the opportunity to love every bite. At Keystone communities, we believe delicious, nutritious chef-prepared meals aren’t an option – they’re an essential part of each day. That’s why we contract with a dedicated food-service company employing professional chefs who use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create the dishes our residents love. From old favorites to exciting world flavors, there’s always something new to pique your taste buds at the Keystone community nearest you.

In addition to the scrumptious and interesting flavors cooked up daily by our chefs, Keystone communities offer a variety of options tailored to your unique dietary needs. Our chefs also make the MIND Diet part of every meal, providing residents with delicious meal options that are designed to help prevent dementia by supporting brain health.

Club Keystone

When you move into a Keystone community, you free yourself from the responsibilities and chores that were holding you back from truly exploring. Now is your chance to try new things. Want to learn a new language? Interested in piano lessons? Wish you could volunteer your time to help a worthy cause? As a resident of Keystone, you’re automatically enrolled in Club Keystone, your gateway to experiencing all this and more. Not only does Club Keystone offer a variety of group activities designed to appeal to each resident, it helps you pursue new experiences beyond what’s already available in our rich activities calendar. Club Keystone is your passport to a life fulfilled.

Residents from Keystone in Indianapolis, Indiana dancing on the beach
The happiness guarantee at Keystone in Indianapolis, Indiana

Your Happiness is Our Guarantee

You have lived an amazing life and have earned all the freedoms brought by retirement. We truly believe your new home at Keystone offers all the independence, care, and support you not only deserve, but so you can live life to the fullest. 

We also know deciding to move is never easy. Choosing a new place to live can feel scary. We understand. This is why we are pleased to offer you our Happiness Guarantee! 

In the unlikely event you are not fully satisfied with Keystone in your first 30 days of residency, we will not only refund your money, we will pay you up to $1,000 toward the cost of relocation.

Contact the community nearest you to learn more about our special Happiness Guarantee program and all the ways Keystone will help you get more out of life!