Media Gallery at Clearview Lantern Suites in Warren, Ohio

Welcome to Our Media Gallery

As you peruse the images of life at Clearview Lantern Suites, picture yourself right there with us. Below you will find interactive virtual tours, as well as a myriad of photos.

Virtual Tours

Lobby And Sunroom

Dining Room

Assisted Living 1 Bedroom Apartment

Every person who chooses to make Clearview Lantern Suites their home has lived an extraordinary life. And, regardless of how you lived, you share the desire to keep living life to the fullest!

Inspiring Inside & Out

Sit back and take an armchair tour through our photos. You can almost hear the laughter of our residents, the joyous singing of holiday tunes, and the happiness that is in the air every day.

See yourself in the view at Clearview Lantern Suites. Visit us for a delicious lunch to see what we’re all about.

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